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Composite Strapping and Lashing 

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Our composite strapping is used to secure cargo and prevent front-end load movement during transportation via truck, air freight, and sea vessel. These lashing products can support up to several tons.

Combined with metal buckes and tightened with a manual  tensioner, composite strapping is a convenient alternative solution to pask your cargo transport units safely. 

AtMet Group manufactures composite strapping/lashing under the brand BulkStrap. We are manufacturers, and not distributors



  • Does not damage your products

  • Shock absorbent (10% elasticity)

  • No sharp edges

  • Safe for users and receivers

  • Will not rust or rot

  • ​Secure loads up to 1490kg (32mm)

  • No affected by extreme weather conditions

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SLC 105 Techs.JPG
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  • Use a buckle system for maximum strength

  • Re-tensionable

  • Lightweight & portable

  • Chemical resistant


Manufactured from high tenacity, strongest synthetic fibers, and embedded in a polymer coating composite, our strapping/lashing is a safe and cost effective way to secure your cargo and prevent it from damage.

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BTU20 (3).jpg


BulkStrap composite strapping can be easily tensioned with a fast and ergonomic manual tensioner.


The tensioner is made of high quality steel body fitted with hardened steel parts which is robust and reliable.


Your application and the type and size of strap you use determine the best tensioner for you.

BTU20 model : for 19mm lashing systems

BTU50 model : for 25 to 32mm lashing systems


It can be used as a lashing solution to stabilize your products inside a container, by doing direct lashing/ loop lashing/ cross lashing etc

Width 32mm is recommended for this usage.

Strapping Bundle.jpg

It can also be used as a strapping solution, for bundling, palletizing, or unitizing products together.

Width 19 to 25mm is recommended for this usage.

Types of Lashing Methods

Loop Lashing.jpg

Loop Lashing

Floor Lashing.jpg
Cross Lashing.jpg

Cross Lashing

Double Floor Lashing.jpg

Floor Lashing

Harness Lashing.jpg

Harness Lashing

To best know what lashing method is the most appropriated to your case, please feel free to contact our team !

Application Cases

Strapping & Lashing

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