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Innovative Wrapping Solution


Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover with adjustable lashing belts


Two raws of buckles to tighten your goods  during transportation and internal flows.


Suitable for pallets 80x120cm to 100x120cm

(Wrap length from 3700mm - 4600mm)


Great alternative to Pallet Stretch film that will help you to reduce your plastic waste.


The PVC mesh fabric is ventilated to reduce products condensation

Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover (Set of 5 pcs)

Excluding VAT
  • Composition : High Tenacity Polyester Yarn (60%) + Resistant PVC Mesh (40%) + Metal buckle with anticorrosive nickel coating


    Thickness : 230g/sqm


    Assembly / Disassembly : 60 secs / 40 secs


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