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Our composite strapping is used to secure goods shipped on pallets to secure loads during transportation via truck, air freight, and sea vessel. 



Manufactured from high tenacity, strongest synthetic fibers, and embedded in a polymer coating composite, our strapping/lashing is a safe and cost effective way to secure your cargo and prevent it from damage.



  • Does not damage your products

  • Shock absorbent (10% elasticity)

  • No sharp edges

  • Safe for users and receivers

  • Will not rust or rot

  • No affected by extreme weather conditions



Combined with metal buckes and tightened with a manual  tensioner or by hand, composite strapping is a convenient alternative solution to pack your cargo transport units safely. 

AtMet Group manufactures composite strapping/lashing under the brand BulkStrap. 


Delivery in 7 to 15 working days. 

Price doesn't include VAT (20%)

BulkStrap JS60 (SLC60) - Composite Strapping 19mm - 600 meters

Excluding VAT
    • Strong synthetic fibers
    • Embedded in a protective polymer coating composite
    • System Strength : 760 kg
    • Thickness : 1 mm
    • Width : 19 mm
    • 600 meters/ coil
    • 2 coils/ box
    • 36 boxes/ pallet 


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