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Study Cases


Transportation mode : Railway

Shipped goods : Water bottles 

A space left in between the pallets were stuff with some plastic pallets. But due to the high cost for returning the pallets back to the shipper, using dunnage airbags turned out to be much more suitable. By simply inflating the airbags, the gaps are filled adequately.

Product used : AtMet Three airbag


Chemical industry

Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : 1 ton Big Bags

Double stacking big bags on top of each other is usually a complicated task. Having a "soft" structure, big bags have a tendency to "sag". By using dunnage airbags in the middle of the gap, big bags can keep their original form, and are kept stabilized from right-left movements. Combined with double lashing near the container doors to avoid the front-end movements, it allows a safe transportation.


Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : Electronic parts with different shapes and sizes  

Customer is using a  traditionnal wooden load secure method. Besides being dangerous (use of nails and nailguns), it is very time consuming (4 hours per container), and implies using ISPM treated wood only.


By using Atmet Dunnage Airbags, combined with BulkStrap strapping, customer has not only save time and energy, but also saved some costs ! 

Flooring industry


Transportation mode : 40' container

Shipped goods : PVC Flooring

Flooring are very unstable products, due to their long shape, and their "column" palletization pattern. The printed boxes (also called "shiny boxes" makes them easy to slip, and a sudden movement can make the whole pile falling like a castle of cards. 

Using dunnage airbags in the gaps helped the pallets to keep their stiff structure, and avoid products from moving during transportation.

Paper industry

Transportation mode : 20' Container

Shipped goods : Paper Reels


Although being very heavy, paper reels are very fragile products, and easily subject to important damages, a single shock on the reel potentially making it completely unusable. Dunnage airbags' soft texture being very good shock absorbers, they are excellent ways to protect paper reels from movements during transportation.


Shipped goods : Steel beams

Products used :

Heavy beams need to be bundled together in order to be safety transported. 

A combinaison of composite strapping and woven lashing have been used, each type of lashing solution using a specific buckle.

Food industry

Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : 1 ton IBC drums  

Due to weight restrictions for railway transportation in the USA, it was impossible to fully load the container. In order to still keep the total weight centered in the container, IBC drums have been equally loaded and separated with dunnage airbags.

In that particular case, Airbags Level 1 have been used to avoid left-right movements.



Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : 225L plastic drums  

Products usedPolywoven Dunnage Airbags 


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