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Dunnage Airbags production

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With millions of Inflatable Dunnage Airbags produced annually, and equipped with fully automated lines, AtMet Group has become over the years one of the biggest airbags producer of the whole Asia, trusted by hundreds of customers.

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Our airbags level 1 to 4 are approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), in order to be able to solve most of the issues that our customers could face.


We conduct in parallel internal tests based on the AAR test procedures :leak tests and burst tests.


How our dunnage airbags are tested ?


Leak Tests 


"Ten samples shall be inflated to 2.5 psig in a 12 in. (30.5 cm) void and remain there for 19 days. We record the temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure at the start and end of the test.

After 19 days pneumatic dunnage must retain a minimum of 1.5 psig (60%)."

(test procedure for AAR 1 airbags)

Burst Tests 


"Five random samples from Part A shall be inflated to 8 psig in a 12 in. (30.5 cm) void. All 5 sampled air bags must maintain 8 psig for one minute."

(test procedure for AAR 1 airbags)


How to properly use dunnage airbags - To do  / Don't

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Strapping and Lashing production

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Combined with dunnage airbags, our BulkStrap composite strapping is an excellent way of securing loads during transportation, and avoid front-end products movements inside containers.


Our machines are able to produce composite strapping from 16mm to 32mm, and woven lashing as well.

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A Strict Quality Control process

As manufacturers and experts in the load secure industry, we have always attached a great importance in our quality control process.

A battery of tests are done in our production facilities to make sure that our products are conform to the latest regulations.

As holder of the ISO 9001 certification, we apply and apply a strict quality control and strict test procedures.

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Member of the Association of American Railroads (AAR)

The AAR is one of the strictect organization among safety transportation players. As specialists providing load secure packaging solutions, our dunnage airbags passed 4 levels of safety (AtMet One to AtMet Four).

Their strict testing procedures include burst test and leakage test. 


Member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

AtMet is also a proud member of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association).

We regularily attend conferences and meetings to keep ahead of the latest innovations and regulations in the load secure domain.


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