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Portable Inflator AtMet Max ProAir


If you do not have an air compressor on site, our electric portable inflator is a good solution to inflate your dunnage airbags.


Over the years, we have acquired enough knowledge from our customers to undertand their needs very well.

We are proud to have developped a portable inflator that has been specifically dedicated for inflating dunnage airbags, and offering all the useful features needed to efficiently and quickly inflate dunnage airbags.

MaxPro Air (2).jpg

Quick and convenient


• Hand free device : you can use both of your hands to place the airbag while inflating.

• Inflate 120 airbags with a single charge*

• Less than 20 sec to inflate an airbag*

• When the pressure in the airbag is > 0.1 bar, the air flow is reversed to prevent over-inflation of the airbag.

(* airbag 900x1200mm, gap 200mm at 1.0 psi)

A Modular Tool

• Built-in lamp function, practical in dark environment such as 40ft containers.

•  Lithium-Ion 24V (5200mAh) battery with remaining charge display 

• Deflation function 

• Interchangeable tube 

batterie light 300 k.jpg

Long lasting battery

•  Powerful 24V Lithium-Ion battery (5200mAh).

•  Inflate continuously for more than 40 minutes.

•  Inflate 120 airbags (900*1200mm) with a single charge.

•  Remaining charge display

•  One battery included 



Lightweight ABS molded electric tool

On/Off switch

Tube connector

LED light

Soft plastic Inflation tube

Air intake

Inflator head

Lithium-Ion 24V (5200mAh) 

Factory settings : 0.07 bar pressure

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