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Simply connect the ProAir gun to an compressed air inlet 

Insert the empty airbag between two loads and inflate it with compressed air or with AtMet Max ProAir portable inflator

To deflate the airbag, insert the rear nozzle to the valve and push the trigger. The compressed air will suck the air from the bag resulting a fast and complete deflation


How venturi system works ?


A. Compressed air enters the inflator chamber through small nozzles at high velocity

B. The high velocity air stream creates vacuum that induces the air from outside enabling it to achieve unparalleled inflation speed.

C. The amplified airflow leaves the exit point.


Price doesn't include VAT (20%).


AtMet Inflator ProAir Gun

Excluding VAT
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle

    Uses the Venturi Inflation system (x3 quicker than conventionnal metal inflator)

    1 step Only : Clip and Inflate

    Locking function with constant airflow

    Over Inflation Protection

    Deflation function

    Made of alloy and strong ABS plastic

    Developped by AtMet

If you are looking for :

  • A specific dunnage airbag size

  • A special type of dunnage airbag

  • A quotation

  • Samples

  • Or any other question

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