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This Paper Dunnage Airbag "AtMet One" will prevent your goods from movement during transportation. By filling the voids in your container, it will help to avoid goods damages, offer more safety for your workers during unloading, and are more economical than any other traditional load secure methods.


Equipped with our ProAir patented valve, inflation and deflation is very quick. It has also an automatic locking system : no need to manually close the airbag after inflation.


The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has verified this dunnage airbags. It is one of the strictest verification to pass in the load secure industry.


Outer bag : Made of resistant Kraft paper, laminated with a PE film for maximum strength
Inner bag : Made of a co-extrusion of high quality polyethylene (PE) film, ensuring ultimate air-tight seal


Price doesn't include VAT (20%).

Paper Dunnage Airbags - AtMet One Plus - 550/650 pcs

3 097,00 €Cena
bez PTU
  • AAR Verified Level 1
    Quick Inflation Valve system
    ROHS Compliant
    Reusable & Recyclable

    Working Pressure : 0.2 / 2.9 psi
    Burst Pressure : 0.6 bar / 8.7 psi

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