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How to secure my goods during transportation ?

Dunnage Airbags Void Filler

Fill the voids between pallets by using inflatable dunnage airbags. This effective method will prevents the goods from being damaged, and offer more safety for your workers during unloading. By immobilizing the pallets in the container, the goods won't move during transportation

Inflatable Dunnage Airbags

Atmet t.png

AtMet Zero
Polywoven Airbag

Designed for light weight shipments used in truck and container shipments.

AirBeast 0912.png

AtMet One ~ AtMet Four
Polywoven Airbags Series

Designed for all kind of shipments

AAR Verified Level 1 to 4

Valve ONE.png


The red stripe and "STOP" warning will help the worker to know if when to stop inflating.


If you can see the "STOP" band appear between the two loads when inflating, it means either :


Correct inflation


- the airbag is too inflated,

- or the width is too small. In that case, and you shall use a larger sized airbag.

How to inflate dunnage airbags ?

ProAir Inflation System

Connect our ProAir gun to your air compressor and fill or deflate airbags in seconds. ProAir venturi technology provides consistent pressure and prevent over-inflation.

  • ProAir inflator with easy click and quick connector tip.

  • Convenient venturi inflator that swivels 360° for ease of operation.

  • Consistent pressure every time.


Cordless inflator : AtMet AirBeast

If you do not have an air compressor on site, our portable electric inflator is the solution to inflate your dunnage airbags.

We are proud to have developped a portable inflator that has been specifically dedicated for inflating dunnage airbags, offering all the features needed to inflate safely and quickly dunnage airbags.

How to use dunnage airbags ?

How to properly use dunnage airbags - To do  / Don't

Download our guide :


If you are looking for :

  • A specific dunnage airbag size

  • A special type of dunnage airbag

  • A quotation

  • Samples

  • Or any other question

Please feel free to contact us : 



Big Bags

Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : 1 ton Big Bags

Double stacking big bags on top of each other is usually a complicated task. Having a "soft" structure, big bags have a tendency to "sag". By using dunnage airbags in the middle of the gap, big bags can keep their original form, and are kept stabilized from right-left movements. Combined with double lashing near the container doors to avoid the front-end movements, it allows a safe transportation.

Steel beams

Shipped goods : Steel beams

Products used :

Heavy beams need to be bundled together in order to be safety transported. 

A combination of composite strapping and woven lashing have been used, each type of lashing solution using a specific buckle.

Products usedBulkStrap Woven Lashing

IBC Drums

Transportation mode : 40' Container

Shipped goods : 1 ton IBC drums  

Due to weight restrictions for railway transportation in the USA, it was impossible to fully load the container. In order to still keep the total weight centered in the container, IBC drums have been equally loaded and separated with dunnage airbags.

In that particular case, Airbags Level 1 have been used to avoid left-right movements, and level 3 airbags for front-end movements.


Headquartered in Atlanta, USA, AtMet Group is focusing on product protection and damage prevention during rail/ road/ sea shipments by containers.


We manufacture since 1995 AAR (Association of American Railroads) verified inflatable dunnage airbags under the brand AtMet, and  Polyester Composite Strapping/ Woven Lashing under the brand BulkStrap.

We have sales offices in France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, and USA. 

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